If content is king…

If content is king…

…then engagement must be queen.

In the age of digital marketing, you will hear the term “content” on repeat. This quick read will cover what exactly is content, what makes good content and why content is so important for your business.

Just what is content?

In it’s simplest form content is what something is about. As a business owner you might struggle with content for your website, content for your catalogue, content for your blog, content for your social media…It’s a seemingly endless demand for content.

What makes good content?

Content should be tailored to the communication channel, this gives maximum interest and engagement. It’s a well known fact that your website content is key for your SEO, so quite often this means your website content will differ from the content on your social media and print media.

Good content is engaging. It informs, educates and entertains.

Great content solves a problem. Readers want to know what’s in it for them – when describing your business services focus on what you do and the benefits to your customer.

Why is content so important?

In the hectic era of digital marketing, your content (particularly on your website or social media pages) is very often the first contact point with your customer. That means that your content can be the difference between doing business and not doing business.

It’s important that across your content, the language and tone of voice is relevant to your audience so they can understand what it is you offer, how it benefits them and why you’re the best person to work with.

Content is key to your customer communication, we have over 9 years experience working with a range of businesses providing excellent content – click the link below to find out how we can help with your content.