5 Tips For Getting Things Done

5 Tips For Getting Things Done

One thing all business owners experience from time-to-time is the struggle to get things done. In order to get things done, planning is crucial.

Planning is defined as a mental process that allows us to choose the necessary actions to reach a goal, decide the right order, assign each task to the proper cognitive resources, and establish a plan of action.

Here’s our 5 top tips for making a plan to get things done;

1. Make a list

The first thing to start with is to make a list of absolutely every little thing that needs to be done. It may feel overwhelming at first but it’s necessary to kick your plan into action.

We like to use Google Sheets for planning as everything is backed up on the cloud. It’s really handy for accessing on multiple devices and collaborating with team members as it saves in real time.

2. Prioritise

How you prioritise will depend on your goals. Consider what it is you want to achieve and prioritise accordingly. Pay particular attention to deadlines and any commitments you may have.

3. Commit to actioning each task

This one takes a little thought, but by planning how and most importantly when you’ll action each task you’re holding yourself accountable for completion of the task.

4. Do the thing(s) you’re putting off

There’s always something on the list that you’ve been putting off for a while, save yourself the heartache and just do it. Short term pain = long term gain. It’s on your list for a reason.

5. Consider time spent

Simply put, if it’s taking up too much of your valuable time or if it’s taking longer than it should, but it’s a necessary task – outsource it.

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