Why (and How) To Use Highlights On Your Instagram Business Page

Why (and How) To Use Highlights On Your Instagram Business Page

Instagram has almost 112.50 million users worldwide. The platform is a great way to showcase your products and services to the world!

Whilst many businesses already have an Instagram business page, many are not utilising some of the best features Instagram offers.

One of the most under utilised features on the Instagram platform is highlights.

Let’s take a look at what Little Pop Marketing looks like at a glance, to new followers.

By using only one highlight, we’re not making the most of this great engaging space particularly for new followers or users who have clicked on our profile.

Like many businesses, we already have lots of great content that we’d love to showcase to new users here.

When adding new highlights, you should first plan the content that you’d like to add for each. For our page we are going to showcase “Know How” and “Clients“.

We created optimised content for each highlight on Canva using the templates provided. The video below shows us adding our content to our story and linking it to our existing blog posts.

Adding content to your Instagram story & linking to a webpage

As shown in the video below, we then add the story content to our highlights. This is done by clicking on the story on our profile and choosing the highlight icon. You can then choose to add a new highlight or add the story to an existing one.

Adding content from your Instagram story to your highlights and changing the cover image

The end result showcases your key selling points quickly and concisely in your Instagram profile.

Key selling points are organised and displayed aesthetically on the Instagram profile.

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