The Top 3 Free Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

The Top 3 Free Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

We’ve been managing marketing for small businesses for over 11 years. In this time we’ve come across lots of helpful tools for marketers. Here are our top 3 (free) tools that are extremely useful for marketers and small business owners;

1. Canva

Ask any marketer, Canva is such a versatile tool for creating graphics and editing content. We use the paid version, but the free plan is great for getting started.

2. Meta Blueprint

Keen to start bringing in revenue from Facebook ads? Meta Blueprint is an excellent knowledge base for learning how to create and measure advertising campaigns.

3. Hootsuite

An oldie but a goodie, Hootsuite still offer a free plan for scheduling posts across a range of social media platforms. Great for Instagram and LinkedIn.

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